Wednesday, November 16, 2011


An elegant woman with perpetual blonde hair, she had the hint of a British accent giving her the aura of mystique.
The lady would not stand on ceremony. 
Befriending the wealthy, the wretched, the weak and the well off, she was mother to seven, but mothered so many more. 
Always time for a laugh, but never enough time for the cooking, laundry and cleaning, the kitchen floor would shine by the last mop of midnight.
She would answer the phone with a voice that any person would love to hear, soothing, as by an Angel, there were times even I would not recognize it.
Her children were always fed, educated and clothed, in that order, leaving herself last in all things.
Five boys, never an easy task for any woman, she would find the time to mentor “strays”. 
As she grew in years, she would still show her sons up by kicking a field goal or throwing a “double-bull’.
She could deal out punishment with one hand, and wipe a tear with the other.
Attending to so many with little time for herself, she asked for almost nothing, but perhaps, her final request, “Can we go now?”

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