Saturday, November 19, 2011


I told him, I did, and I wasn’t coy neither.
I told him straight out.
I said I don’t have time for all that,
I just want it quick and dirty.
It didn’t have to be dirty neither,
just quick.
Give it like you mean it
and you don’t need all the
extra fluff to get it done.
It’s not like he didn’t ever
do it before so I guess
I just expected him to
get it right.
I didn’t say it out loud
but I was thinking in my head:
I know you’re nervous
but just do it the way you do it
when you’re by yourself
and that’s the way to do it best.
But I didn’t want to
make him nervous
about giving it to me
so I just smiled.
He was nervous, too,
a little.
I could tell, nervous
even though he was only
giving me 10 sentences.

BIO: this pen 10 gotcha is the work of Olive Rosehips.  She loves to play with imaginations and big pens... like Waterman's.  What on earth were you thinking just now?  Even more importantly, can you give 10 sentences?

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