Tuesday, November 3, 2009

UNNOTICED by Jim Wisneski

It was the last changing leaf of the season.  The transformation from a dark, rich green to a bright red to a golden yellow to a fallen leaf happened unnoticed.  It blew down the street, block by block, until finally held down by the rain and the endless tires.  The remains were carried by foot, breeze, plow, and time as the last changing leaf went unnoticed.

The rush of candy, of thanks to be given, and lights and toys came and went. The treacherous winter sunk its teeth into the earth and held tight for as time made it feel like forever.  Then something magical happened.  The first leaf of the season budded.  It stuck its head out and opened with a sigh and welcomed back the warm sun.  The first leaf welcomed the rest and time moved forward once again, unnoticed.

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