Thursday, July 14, 2011

You Aint Spose To

She was gone.  I thought on that a long time ago, wondering what would it be like.  I had seen it on tv and heard about it from friends but now this time it was my own mama.  Come to think of it, she wasn’t like tv mama’s and so mine wasn’t like no tv mourning, neither.  She was evil and she never had my back so all I felt was relief at her passing.  It rose up off of me, I almost felt it lift like a dust removed by gravity pulling it upwards.  I think if I was standing back looking at me in the light I would’ve seen it and I would have marveled all the more.  The energy cycle came to claim parts of that person that she left on me so I shook to make sure all of it went.  You can have your person back universe, I thought, I endured her, I honored her and now you can have her back!
Craig remarked about her passing and I told him all about it because I was happy and lighter and wanted to share my new elation with someone.  He looked at me but pulled his face back slowly like he smelled something unpleasant and he let me know, “You aint ‘sposed to say stuff like that when your mom dies.”

Bio:  Olive Rosehips* made that name up.  She does that a lot.  She does it because she thinks it's cute and it's the stuff that writer's do so they can roll eloquent, pretentious things off their tongues like "nom de plume".  So she likes pretending, is that so bad?  *Rhonda Smolarek

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Love Punaany Bad said...

MAY HER SOUL REST IN ETERNAL PEACE ,,, Your Friend Is Absolutely CORRECT ,,, You're Not Supposed To Feel This Way About Your Own Mother ,,, There's No Way That You Can Feel This Way About The Woman That Gave You LIFE ,,, Not To The Woman That Carried You Within Her Universal Womb For Approximately Nine Months ,,, Then In Turn Releasing You Into A UNIVERSE That Is Even Much Greater ,,, & Much More PHENOMENAL Than A Woman's Womb


[breathe easy]

*let me stop right here before the wrong words come effortlessly out of my soul*

[breathe easy]

You Find That Within Your Loving & Caring Heart ,,, That You Don't Have The Basic Human Characteristic To Shower Her ,,, Your Own Mother ,,, With An Unconditional Love ,,, Solely Based On What You Have Gone Through For What May Seem Like An ETERNITY

I Agree With Your Thought About The Universe That Can Claim Her Back Now ,,, After All ,,, The UNIVERSE ,,, Is A Vast Cold Dark Entity That Will Possibly Be One Of Mankind's Greatest Mysteries

Its Existence Creates A Multitude Of Different Unique Perspectives Within Our Own Deepest & Darkest Emotions ,,, Whereby Not Every Mother Or Father Is Capable Of Expressing A Simple Human Emotion Towards Their Own Child Or Children

Its Amazing In This World Where A Lot Of Things Can Be Defined ,,, But Can Humanity Truly Define The True Meaning Of A Simple Yet Complex Meaning To One Of Humanities Greatest Emotion ,,, LOVE

I CHERISH IT ON A DAILY BASIS ,,, I Caress It Deep Within My Soul ,,, I Nurture Its Existence As If Its The Last Burning Flame For Mankind ,,, I HONOR It By Staying True To Its Very Ideals ,,, That Every Human Being ,,, Regardless Of WHO WHAT WHERE & WHY ,,, Deserves To Be LOVED

Its Sad That There Are People That Will Never Feel This Way ,,, No Matter How Many Lives That They Are Allowed To Live

To All The Mothers & To All The Fathers That Treat Their Own Flesh & Blood Like They Are Less Than Human ,,, MAY THEIR SOULS REST IN ETERNAL PEACE

[breathe easy]