Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Taste by Diane Jardel

Cutting the courgettes 
Snap, snap, snap
Glossy green skill.
Dicing the purple aubergine,
Sweating it with salt
Drain the bitter juice

Eating together
the lemon flavour coming 
punching through
the underlying spice
of mustard and cardamom seeds;
next the earthy taste
of the potato

Embracing the gently sweet taste
Of the spinach
Still with its vital
life giving audacity.
The rice is the tender
and savoury, setting 
off  the moderate heat
pleasure as she swallows it slowly

They dip the fresh
sweet strawberries
into  hot chocolate fondue
laced with brandy
and taste its sensuality;
and bite into the rich tangy
exotic fruit

She looks into his eyes
And asks for water.


BIO: DIANE JARDEL - a published author of poems and stories; a vegan gourmet and  I love to capture the wonder of nature on camera.  I am also a writing group addict.
My poem 'The Mirror' is published in 'The Poetic Bond' by Trevor Maynard
I was featured poet of the month for December on
I started Fermanagh Creative Writing Group here in Enniskillen and registered it as an educational charity.
I post my stories and poems regularly on Stories Space.

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