Sunday, April 10, 2011


I don’t mind branches; they bare wonderful things like fruit, nuts, flowers, & foliage.  I've lived life being the roots of things, aiding them along and helping them grow.  Most folks forget about what's in the dirt, but I've always known it’s a whole world below affecting everything around it.  I left Phoenix, AZ for Nashville, TN... The prodigal daughter returned to the south after a ten year hiatus.  It gave me fireflies and moonlight, and just before I became too fanciful- a mosquito bite the size of Gibraltar appeared.  Home gives perspective, so I had to reroot myself back to the source because some seeds don't grow everywhere--- if you force it, you'll find you've over watered it with love.  In places of our beginnings we learn who we are; who we used to be; and who we can become.  So I’ve slid home and I don't care if it grounds me.  If I stand with a cruddy face and motley clothing know that I'm no worse for wear when standing to dust myself off.  You just gotta make sure you stand back from the mirror next time you see yourself rounding third, and the people you care for provide shade.

BIO: SOUTHERN QUILL; Kimberley Gladney is a modern day renaissance woman.  She has performed spoken word under the alias "SouthernQuill" in venues across America; sang her heart out in smoke filled rooms and crowded bars; and regularly bares her soul to followers on her blog site Brown Girl in the Red, White, & Blue.  She has hosted open mics, acted in plays, had her paintings up in various galleries, and is currently recording her first album ep.  She currently resides in Nashville, Tn, with a 1940s antique typewriter and a host of family and friends.  

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Salvatore Buttaci said...

Kim, well written! My favorite lines:
"In places of our beginnings we learn who we are; who we used to be; and who we can become."

Sal Buttaci