Saturday, December 4, 2010


Maggie burst into the quiet office, her chest heaving and with anger dancing upon her brow, she seethed "YOU! You did this!"
Unseth, expecting her, casually glanced away from his paper before setting it down slowly and saying dryly, "Oh Maggie, stop with the drama. I did what?" The last three words drawn out slowly before he sought his coffee cup.
Maggie, still enraged, stood before Unseth for a moment longer before clearing his meticulously organized desk in one sweep and he, with impeccable timing, lifted his cup as papers whooshed past just before Maggie sprang upon the desk. She was seething and leaned in to say "I know it was you."
Leaning back in his chair, and with excellent restraint, he sipped again at the coffee.
Dagger filled eyes followed calm ones, seeking a glimpse of confirmation but Unseth said only, "You want to sit down and tell me what this is all about?"
A distinctly animal like growl came the response from Maggie's throat before she snatched the covered coffee mug away and hurled it at the nearest wall, thus concluding her visit.
When she was gone, Unseth made his way over to retrieve the dented mug. With one hand in his pocket, he inspected the vessel: no harm really and no mess. The cup never actually contained any coffee because Unseth had been too busy this morning taking care of other business.

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