Sunday, May 2, 2010

Making History

Doreen prepared to flip through the channels when the news interrupted her show for a ‘Special Report’.

An excited news anchor filled the screen as she caught him in mid sentence, “this is a historic day not only for America, but for all of the people of Earth. Today we started receiving the video from the Centauri Wanderer spacecraft as it prepares to launch its probe into the surface of the planet designated Ameda 1. We'll now switch you over to the feed coming in from
Mission Control.”

On the screen, a view of a conical shaped projectile provided by an on-board camera showed the probe jettisoned from the Centauri Wanderer, firing its thrusters to build speed for its impact with Ameda 1. Despite the interruption to her shows, Doreen couldn't help but be fascinated with the historic implications of the video before her, one that traveled between solar systems for the first time in human history.

A bright flash flared from the planet’s surface just as applause erupted from the scientists and engineers at mission control. Applause turned to murmurs of confusion and Doreen saw on the screen what looked like gases flowing from the location the probe struck, spewing odd looking material that fell to the planets surface. Coldness formed in Doreen’s stomach as the Wanderer’s on board camera continued to zoom in on the impact zone. Suddenly her shows replaced the picture on the screen, but not before Doreen heard someone at mission control cried out, “Oh my God, there are bodies.”

BIO Kevin Vorshak dabbles in writing from his home on Ohio. A huge fan of Scifi, Fantasy and Horror stores, he still hopes to one day be able to become a full-time writer.

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Anonymous said...

This reminds me of footage from the Challenger accident. Good stuff.