Saturday, February 27, 2010

More than 10

When words bombard the cerebellum 10 sentences are just too few

Thoughts collide like atoms crashing always late for curfew

Digging deep to the center of the earth, flying higher than the stars

Looking down upon the universe

Un-caged spirit free to roam the land of freedom

In another space and time fighting the voices of oppression with rhyme and reason

Now is our season to flourish to plant new seeds within the grounds

to fertilize the minds of youth with wise voices of whispering sounds

oh yes 10 sentences are just too few to tell the stories needed to be heard

so I will end my 10 sentences, not with a sentence but just 1 word, knowledge.

Damond Butler discovered his passion for writing poetry at the tender age of 16, a major turning point for most American teens. Like many others, he began to embark on a new journey in life. He began to discover what he believed in, discover love, lust, & lies, and venture into events that would begin to sculpture him into manhood.

Damond Butler, a native of Philadelphia is an Author, Poet, and Entrepreneur. He attended Millersville University in Lancaster, PA where he obtained his bachelors of science in Computer Science. He currently owns a flooring company, DA Butler Did It Flooring and is in pursuit of expanding his career as a writer.

Damond is a proud husband and father. He voluntarily gives back to his community as a foster parent & Children’s Church Teacher.

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