Monday, December 28, 2009

Princess Upon a War Horse

The journey from the foothills to Darjeeling was like the slow, tantalising drip of jungle honey. Antara could walk alongside, on the brink of the hills, green valleys yawning below; chew on delicate pink flowers that tasted sour, and breathe deep the pine-scented air. Tiny wooden houses sat on stilts, their windowsills creaking with rosy-cheeked children waving at her, and pots bursting with red and pink geraniums.

She went horseback riding in Darjeeling on the tallest horse she could find, and although Mama's contempt caused her to miss a stirrup and fall face-down upon the horse's neck, she would ride alone. She was a princess upon a war horse and the boys with peace sign lockets around their necks whistled appreciatively at her as she galloped past.

After a round, when she neared the crowded ‘chowrasta’, Antara reined in the horse beside a little mound of earth, and gingerly dismounted. She did not wish to make a spectacle of herself again. The horse followed her like some docile dog, so that a tourist mistook her for a guide.

A young man with rosy cheeks came up to her and handed her the earring she had lost when she fell. She thanked him with a smile, and hastily clipped it on, for to be seen with just one earring was worse than not being seen with earrings at all.


Anita Saran leads a rich life that encompasses the world of fiction writing and spiritual practice. She is the award-winning author of the national award winning science fiction novella 'Aditya the Underwater Boy', and 'Dolphin Girl and Other Stories.'
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Her first novel 'Circe' – a funny satirical fantasy- is about to be released by Mojocastle Press.
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