Saturday, October 10, 2009


"Mommy!, I can't find my favorite necklace!" shrieked Emily.
"One sec Jane" sighed Clair as she turned away from the phone to address her daughter.
"Emily, how many times do I have to tell you?  If something is that
important to you, you have to take really good care of it or it'll end up
lost.  Go on, keep looking and I'll help you find it when I'm off the phone".

With a shake of her head, she went back to her conversation. "Sorry Jane....
I knooow!  When will they ever learn?!?  Now, what was that you were asking?
Oh no dear, that's ok, I don't mind you asking at all.  I really don't know
what happened.  I guess we just grew apart and needed something else out of
our lives."

Runswith Cizers is a nube writer who loves Mac products and Mustangs.  When he's not running with cissors, and even when he is, he is a  computer geek.  

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